Our Services

Digital Doc Management (“DDM”) provides computer and application support to the legal industry. With over 35 years of experience we have provided support for a wide range of the applications most often used by attorneys. We work with firms of all size to find the solution that best fits their needs. Every firm is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all.

DDM provides support for the following areas:

  • Document Management/Document Retrieval – we support all phases of document management (DM) and retrieval. This includes the selection of the DM application that best supports your needs to the design, implementation, training, and ongoing support of your DM system. We also have experience in migrating and converting document management systems. We work with multiple vendors including but not limited to Worldox and MetaJure.
  • Document OCR Solutions – With the large volume of documents that law firms work with, it has become increasingly critical to search scanned documents. We work with companies that provide solutions to help you not only OCR scanned documents, but also allow locate them through powerful search engines.
  • Practice Management – we were at the forefront of introducing practice management solutions to law firms . With more than 20 years of in-depth experience, we provide soup-to-nuts solutions, including integration with other office applications (i.e. document management, time and billing, and document generation).
  • Network and Computer Support – From the early days of DOS we have worked with and managed a wide range of computer and network operating systems including the most recent versions of Window 10 and Windows Server 2016. We leverage that experience to troubleshoot computer and application issues to help our clients minimize downtime.
  • Ongoing Support – we provide ongoing support for most legal applications as well as many of the more common applications that law firms use like word processing and accounting packages. We will also work effectively with vendors and their customer service on your behalf.
  • Remote Support – Digital Doc Management was an early adopter of remote support. Remote support allows us to respond to clients in a faster, more cost-effective manner, drastically reducing the number of expensive on-site visits.