Worldox System Integrator

Worldox Professional

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Worldox delivers an effective document management solution for legal firms and other companies requiring an effective solution for the storage, organization and retrieval of files and documents. Worldox includes the ability to file emails.

Worldox Includes:

  • One click save options from Excel, Word and Adobe Reader.
  • Active monitoring of incoming and outgoing emails and auto creation of folders that correlate to Worldox settings
  • Full search functionality from the Microsoft Office toolbar.
  • Multiple user-defined categories for each document with filter, sort and search options for each.
  • Search and view Worldox stored documents from Outlook.

Worldox Cloud

Worldox Cloud connects cloud servers hosting our application and your Worldox documents with local applications on your computer. The system is transparent to the user but allows companies to store their documents in a remote data center.

Worldox Cloud includes:

  • Automated, frequent backups.
  • Remote access from office, home or at client sites.
  • PDF editing suite.
  • Monthly fee based with no upfront software purchase.

Worldox Enterprise

Worldox Enterprise provides a document management system for multi-office environments and allows rapid connectivity between on-site and remote computers. It includes:

  • The same features as Worldox Professional with a familiar interface.
  • centralized data for multiple offices.
  • Complete MS Office Integration.