Installing, managing and maintaining full-service solutions for law firms of all sizes.

Digital Doc Management

Digital Doc Managment has supported attorneys since 1985, providing comprehensive software solutions for the legal community. Our goal is to help you make the most of the technology currently available. We have partnered with several vendors to bring the most complete and cost-effective practice management, time-tracking and organizational tools to your door.

In more than two decades, we have installed and integrated a number of tools, including Centerbase, Amicus Attorney, Worldox, Amicus Small Firm, MetaJure, PC Law, TABSIII, HotDocs, Sage 50 and Timeslips on a variety of operating systems. Whether you work within a PC or a Mac-based environment, we have the experience needed to move you into the best solution for your needs from whatever current software you are using.

While working with law firms with large document management needs, we discovered that some of our software solutions weren't limited to the legal field. Worldox allows companies to organize and store files efficiently while delivering rapid access to the content individuals need, when they need it.